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Doing the Best


Investments growing over time like a plant grows from a seed

Achieving Financial


Financial goals being shown as dart board

Monitoring & Rebalancing


Investments portfolio performance shown graphically over time

Availing Suitable


Borrowing or taking loan

Getting Sufficient


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Saving Tax

Saving tax wisely
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How do we do that

It's not an on-the-go thing, and it must not be, when your life's finances are at stake!

Financial position assessment report


Assess your financial position

Assess your income, expenses, assets, liabilities to understand your financial position.

Financial goals or target


Set your financial goals

Define when and how much money would you need at various points of time to achieve your goals.

Generation of financial plan


Assess your risk

Assess your risk taking ability with help of a psychometric Risk Assessment Test

Doing investments as per recommendations of 7Prosper


Generate your financial plan

Get personalized recommendations over Mutual Funds, NPS, PPF, FD/RD, Insurances, Loans and other Tax Saving Schemes out of thousands in the market, that are best for you to achieve your goals. Also know when and how much to invest in which scheme!

What more! You also get to know if your goals are feasible or not. And what you need to do to make them feasible!

Investments portfolio graph over time


Execute your financial plan

Once the plannning is done, you can execute it through the platform of your choice. We also provide you our FREE platform to do all the recommended Mutual Fund investments without charging any commission.

Our task doesn't end after you have done your investments. We keep a close watch on your investments. We rebalance your portfolio on a yearly basis based on your updated financial situation and market events.

See a Doctor before buying medicines from Chemists


Agents, Brokers, Distributors

We are not merely an investment platform like most of the other online mutual fund platforms, which focuses only on selling you mutual funds, just like chemists sell you medicines.


Licensed Financial Planners

We are SEBI registered Investment Advisers, and have license to advise you on investments and all other aspects of your financial planning, just as a doctor is licensed to prescribe you medicines.

Highlighted that 7prosper doesn't make any hidden commissions on client's investments

Most importantly, we don't make any commission from companies by selling their schemes. We also don't cut commissions from your investment amount. Thus, all of your money goes into the market for best returns.

Know how you lose lakhs of rupees in long run due to commissions


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Silver Plan


for lifetime
** No Commission **
Tick icon for facility to invest in direct mutual funds
Facility to invest in direct mutual funds
Tick icon for recommendations on top performing funds
Single account for the family
Tick icon for live entry to 7Prosper's workshop
One-time entry to our Live Workshop
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Onetime Comprehensive Financial Planning

Rs. 22,900/-

per month (billed yearly)
** No Commission **
Silver Plan
Tick icon for goal setting for whole family
Goal Setting and Feasibility Analysis
Assisting you in converting your dreams into measurable financial goalsand analysing the feasibility of achieving those goals.
Tick icon showing 7Prosper does risk profiling
Risk Profiling
Based on your current financial status, obligations, age combined with psychometrics, wedetermine the risk taking appetite for your family.
Tick icon showing 7Prosper does risk profiling
Personalized Investment Recommendations
Tick icon showing we analyze feasibility of goals
Life and Health Insurance Planning
Tick icon for personalized investment recommendations
Tax Planning
Tick icon for loan, insurance and tax saving recommendations
Risk profiling
Tick icon for loan, insurance and tax saving recommendations
Free entry to all our Live Workshops
Tick icon showing 7Prosper does monitoring and rebalancing
Email and phone support
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Platinum Plan

Rs. 899/-

per month (billed yearly)
** No Commission **
Gold Plan
Tick icon for managing HNI portfolio
Review of existing investments and loans
Tick icon for dedicated relationship manager provided by 7Prosper
Dedicated relationship manager in service
Tick icon for dedicated relationship manager provided by 7Prosper
Upto 4 one-to-one sessions with RM
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NRI Platinum Plan

Rs. 2999/-

per month (billed yearly)
** No Commission **
Platinum Plan
Tick icon for recommendations on top performing funds
Compliance management
Tick icon for live entry to 7Prosper's workshop
NRI taxation planning
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Tax Filing in India

Value Added Service
** No Commission **
Tick icon for facility to invest in direct mutual funds
For resident individuals: Rs. 2500 + variable depending on transaction volume
Tick icon for recommendations on top performing funds
For NRIs: Rs. 5000 + variable depending on transaction volume
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7Prosper has been really cooperative in planning my financial goals. they are super quick to reply and answer your queries in detail and explain the financial terms very well.

Aafreen Hasnain

Its been a delight learning from guys at 7prosper on managing finances. The ownership shown by team is phenomenal towards getting your plan executed and corrected as market moves. Looking forward to create long term personal value here. Highly Recommended.

Nitish Varma

I am glad to find an unbiased financial planner at 7Prosper. Effective use of technology along with personalized support makes all the difference. On the top of that, there are absolutely no hidden commissions!

Astha Dhayal

7Prosper is quite capable of lending a patient ear to client requirements. Although, there a handful companies providing similar services online, 7prosper's personal touch makes the difference.

Sarbojit Datta

Trusted advisers for financial planing, goal setting and investments.  Very prompt service and easy interface to manage investments.

Manoj D

The advisory service is really helpful. Most people don't understand the difference between a fiduciary advisers and others. I am glad that I found a fiduciary service at low cost.

Nithin Prakash

I love the software. It’s really helpful to plan future goals

Vikas kumar

The guys here know their stuff. They bring expertise in both finance and technology to the table and most importantly care about their clients.

Anshum Garg

7Prosper has guided me in my investments to achieve my financial goals in future. Most important thing about them is that they are concerned about your finances and thus suggest the investment that are best in your interest, not in theirs.

Nitin Nema

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