E26 Can CORONA KAVACH safeguard you from COVID-19?

The coronavirus pandemic has become a bitter reality across the world. The physical, and mental toll of dealing with Covid-19 is something we can’t do much about, but to avoid the financial burden & to take care of medical​ expenses, one should opt for a right health cover, there is health insurance for coronavirus treatment - CORONA KAVACH.

So, what exactly is Corona Kavach?

How is Corona Kavach different than normal health insurance?

What are the important features of Corona Kavach?

Are there any important terms and conditions of Corona Kavach to be aware of before purchasing it?

Should you take Corona Kavach if you already have a health insurance?

Anmol has got your back with answers to all these questions!

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Hi Everyone. Welcome to the show "Money Ki Baat". I am your host Anmol Gupta.

And today I am going to talk about a Health Insurance which is specially launched for Corona virus and it is importance for all of us.
Hence, the scheme I am talking about is "Corona Kavach".

We all know that Corona Virus is transmissible disease. There are more than 25,00,000 cases in India and this epidemic is growing rapidly.

In coming days, there will be more people like us who are likely to get infected with Covid-19. A person infected with Corona virus might have mild symptoms and can be treated at home or in some cases, they might need to get hospitalised for treatment too. And this treatment can be very expensive.

According to the The Economic Times, a normal patient also requires 1-2 lakh for its treatment and if the case if more complicated, then the treatment cost might also surge to 6-7 lakh.

In this case, if you don't have an existing Health Insurance policy or Mediclaim policy, then you can fall under a serious financial burden. So if you are still not in a position to take a complete Health Insurance Policy, then you can purchase "Corona Kavach".

Corona Kavach is being offered by all General and Health Insurance companies to specifically cover the medical expenses incurred for treating Corona virus. So, lets talk about five features of Corona Kavach.

First, If you get Covid, then this policy will cover all the treatment related expenses incurred from 15 days before hospitalisation to 30 days after the insured is discharged from the hospital.

Second, which is also an important feature of this policy, is that your home treatment expenses will also be covered by this policy.

There are many people who don't need to get hospitalised for their treatment or sometimes beds are also not available to treat more patients.

In such cases, if you're being treated at home, the costs incurred for your treatment will also be covered by the company.

This is also an important feature that makes this policy different from a normal Health Insurance policy which covers treatment expenses only if you get hospitalised.

Third, we'll talk about "Coverage & Tenure".

This policy is available with minimum sum assured of 50,000/- and maximum of 5,00,000/- and this policy is available with a tenure of 3.5, 6.5 and 9.5 months.

Fourth, any other expenses incurred for your treatment, will be covered in this policy, like bed charges, Blood Test, PPE Kit, Oxygen Cylinder, Oxy Meter, Ventilator, Masks, Gloves, Doctor's Consultation fee, Ambulance Charges, Co-Morbility related complications,

In fact, if you opt for Ayurvedic or Homeopathic treatment, those expenses will also be covered.

The last important feature of this policy is, it is very reasonable, it is not expensive.

For example, a 30 year old person can easily get this policy with the coverage of 5 lakh for 9.5 months at Rs.1,500-2,000.

And a 60 year old person can get it with the same coverage and tenure at Rs.6,000-7,000.

So, let's talk about the terms and conditions of this policy.

1. Whenever you take the policy, the first 15 days will not be covered. This means if you get infected with Corona virus within the first 15 days of taking this policy, then this policy will not cover your illness.

2. This policy is not available for the citizens who are more than 65 years of age.

3. Getting hospitalised for any pre-existing condition or illness apart from Corona virus, will not be covered under this policy. However, pre-existing conditions or complications arising out of Corona virus, will be covered under this policy.

So guys, I would strongly recommend you to purchase Corona Kavach.

Take the Insurance for 9.5 month with a coverage of 5 lakh if you can afford.

Inspite of what your age is, I would recommend you to take Corona Kavach. And if you already have an existing Health Insurance policy, I would still recommend you to take Corona Kavach because your existing Health Insurance policies will not cover your home treatment expenses and other expenses like PPE Kit, Oxy meter, etc will also not be covered under your exiting Health Insurance policies.

Also it is a standard policy, which means the features of Corona Kavach policy of all the companies are same.

Therefore, you can purchase this policy from any reputed company either online or offline.

So guys that is all from my side for this episode. Do take Corona Kavach and protect yourself financially.

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Thank You!

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