E32 Categories of Equity Mutual Funds

Have you ever been baffled by the different mutual funds categories?

What if you can select a scheme by looking at the category and understand if it's the right fit for your risk appetite and goal tenure?

Guess what by then end of this episode you can do that!

In this episode, Anmol talks about all these...

What are the different categories of mutual funds?

How much is the risk associated with each of them?

Which funds are for you to invest in?

In this episode we look at:

1. Large Cap Funds

2. Mid Cap Funds

3. Small Cap Funds

4. Multi Cap Funds

5. Large and Mid Cap Funds

6. Dividend Yield Funds

7.  Value Investing

8. Sectoral/Thematic Funds


Are there any burning questions giving you sleepless nights?

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