Funny videos 2021 NEW | Indians on Money | #MoneyKiBaat

Funny videos 2021 NEW

Here is what some of our friends had to say when asked about some general questions related to money. Some of the answers are hilarious :)

We asked following questions to our friends:

1. How to open an account in RBI?

2. Why can't govt. take money from rich and give it to poor?

3. Why doesn't govt. just print money?

4. How can you avoid tax completely?

5. How much interest do you get on stocks?

6. Is bitcoin costlier than a gold coin?

7. Why doesn't Indian govt. reduce dollar rate? Can't even Modiji do it?

8. Mutual vs SIP - what is better?

9. Why can't everyone be rich?

10. Can Modiji make us all rich?

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