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Aim to make your life fulfilling, not just become rich

Paramita Das

Thomas Carlyle said, "A man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder". You definitely don't want to make your life meaningless and die with regrets.Furthermore, if you don't want to die with regrets, you need to do things which make you happy. Apparently, you cannot achieve any goal without spending any money unless you win a lottery. Go for a vacation, buy a house, give charity to someone or even if you want to travel to the Himalayas to become a Hermit- you need MONEY.

In this materialistic world, the “Need of Money” has overcast such a gloomy spell on the people that making money has become the ultimate goal in their life with no purpose. You’ll get a variety of answers when you ask a kid about his/her goals than when you ask an adult about his/her. People have become so much engrossed in making money that they have forgotten about the grail that they had started to earn for in the first place.

Being Rich is a vague goal. If you set a goal of becoming rich, you just think of having a lot of money in the bank account because you either want to feel financially secure or you want an easy going luxury lifestyle. But ask yourself, “Are you happy?”, “Is that what you want?” “Is it really motivating you to accumulate wealth?” This is the most important thing that people miss out while planning for their financial goals.

Talking about famous and rich people, none of the people have achieved success without any vision. Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba wanted to do something important in life and change the world. This is what motivated him to work hard towards his goal and eventually, he became one of the richest and most successful people in the world. Therefore, it is very important to understand that money is not analogous to success. Money is definitely a key to a good life but it is also an ever ending goal that will lead you to resentment. You will only work to increase your income and keep on acquiring more and more assets. You might become very rich and yet remain unsatisfied in life. Therefore, it is very important to set your financial goals before you start saving for it.

Henceforth, know yourself first before setting up a goal in your life. Perceive your passion and determine where your true happiness lies. Find the core reasons why you want to achieve that specific goal. Aim for the things that make you happy instead of aiming for money. This will definitely motivate you to dedicate yourself to the specific goal and work harder resulting in a positive outcome of achieving a successful life filled with happiness and satisfaction.

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Paramita Das
As a financial analyst at 7Prosper, Paramita Das addresses the needs of individuals by planning and implementing wealth management strategies. She believes in establishing meaningful and long term relationship with her clients to inspire them to work towards their financial goals.

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