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Can any investment give 10% return for sure?

Anmol Gupta

A question I often get asked is to tell an investment scheme which gives some x% of return for sure. The fact is, there is no instrument which gives you absolutely assured return unless it is backed by the government.

In finance, there is a term called as risk free rate of the economy. Is is the rate of return which you earn by investing your money taking absolutely no risk. Typically, risk free rate is the rate of return which you get by investing in government bonds. There is zero risk with government bonds as to repay your money, government has the powers to print more money or increase taxes (which can lead to larger macro economic problems but that’s not important for this question).

Even bank fixed deposits are not risk free as banks can default.

As of today, in India, no government bond gives 10% return, so 10% assured return is not possible.

Another thing, you should absolutely keep away from following ‘stock tips’ promising you ‘assured returns’ of any kind. If you are not an expert trader yourself, keep away from following tips given by others. There is nothing assured in stock markets.

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