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If one starts with equity oriented 2,500/month SIP and increases it by 50% every year for a period of 10 years, can he expect 1 crore corpus?

Anmol Gupta

I have created an spreadsheet for you here. You can play around with the numbers here and see it for yourself.

So you are investing 2500/- through SIP in equity oriented funds, which will increase by 50% each year i.e. next year you will invest 3750/-, then 5625/- 2 years from now and so on.

Assuming a rate of return of 12%, the corpus at the end of 10 years will be ~47 Lakh (4.7 million). To generate 1 Crore with such an arrangement, you need to start with ~5300/- per month at 12% return.

By starting with 2500/- per month, you almost need 39% per annum returns on your investments which is not really possible for 10 years.

Hope it helps.

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