With savings of Rs.25k per month, how to make Rs.1 crore in 4 years?

Anmol Gupta

It’s often people’s unrealistic expectation that makes them unhappy. When it comes to investments, some people expect magic to happen :) If done rightly, investments can do wonders but expecting to turn potatoes into gold is only laughable. I encountered a similar incident on Quora where the person wanted to make 1 Crore rupees in 4 years by investing Rs. 25K per month. Following was my mathematical answer to that question.

“To make 1 Crore by investing 25K per month for 4 years, you need your investments to give a return of ~135% per annum. 135% per annum for 4 years is unlikely with any kind of investment.

By investing 25K per month, you will need to invest for about ~12.5 years to accumulate 1 CR provided your investments give a return of 15% per annum.

If you really want to accumulate 1 CR in 4 years, then you will need to invest ~ 170.5K per month at a rate or return of 10% per annum.”

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Anmol Gupta
Anmol is CEO at 7Prosper. He is SEBI Registered Investment Adviser, with expertise in Finance and Technology domains. Anmol is committed to help people achieve their financial freedom.

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